Darvocet Class Action Lawsuit | Darvocet (Darvon) Settlement

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Maker of Darvocet

Staff Writer | December 17th, 2010 | Posted in Recent Settlements

The class action lawsuit is a legal instrument that gives a group of citizens the power to take action against a big company that has done them wrong.

On December 3, Linda Gallagher of New Orleans filed a class-action lawsuit against drugmaker Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals Inc., claiming the drugmaker knowingly put her and millions of others who took the drug at risk of serious heart problems and other serious Darvocet side effects.

She has a case. In November, the FDA found even recommended doses of Darvocet to cause dangerous heart electrical changes that can lead to arrhythmia and heart attack, a pattern that European countries had warned about for years.

But it is better late than never to ban a drug that has perhaps killed thousands of users since it was cleared by the FDA in 1957. The class action lawsuit, a form of lawsuit that consolidates the claims of many plaintiffs into one organized action, can bring a measure of justice to a nationwide case of deadly wrongdoing.

That justice will take the form of a Darvocet settlement, maybe a big one.

The Darvocet class action lawsuit, if successful, may not only bring plaintiffs compensatory damages – awards that repay the cost to one’s health of taking the dangerous drug – but also punitive damages. A Darvocet class action lawsuit may win damages to punish Xanodyne for its deadly practices and to discourage similar acts in the future.

In this case, Linda Gallagher has grabbed the bullhorn by the, well, horn. If Darvocet has affected you, consider getting behind the cause. It might be your chance at getting the Darvocet settlement you deserve.